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I fell in love with cider the day I discovered her. Like meeting a beautiful person from an unfamiliar culture and immediately recognizing an instant connection. Like WHOA, this feels really good connection. You don't need to know anything about Japan or Italy for that to occur.

The learning curve has been fun, challenging, and vertical. This is what keeps me so interested in my pursuit of becoming a recognized and respected cider brand. I imagine the rest of my life this way, learning about cider, apples, yeast, and fermentation.  I am energized by it!  

Our space negotiations continue and we expect issuance of permits by November. Which means fresh craft cider in your hands by Q1 2018 :) I am excited about several partnerships and collaborations we have in planning and I think you will be too.

Peace, Tristan

Cidercon Pep Talk

I was feeling pretty grateful to be at CiderCon this year. Surrounded by good people and inspired by all of the positive energy I posted a video to capture the moment during a sunrise walk. Watch my CiderCon Video HERE